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There are moments in our lives that change the entire course of our existence. They are days that we hold deep in our hearts and cherish at every moment because they affect each and every day of the rest of our lives. But no matter what, with each new day we are greeted with a new light. A new beginning is awakened as the first sunlight touches the earth and spreads across its surface. This new light represents the new beginning that each and every day presents to us. Yet, some days we hold more precious than others—and on these days the light can feel even more important to us. On these special occasions, we can truly feel a new beginning starting in our lives—a beginning that holds infinite possibility, beauty, and love within it. By capturing the very first light of these special occasions, we gain a tangible reminder of the possibility, beauty, and love that that special day began in our lives and reawakens in us each and every day.


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