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Azure Enterprise Agreement Vs Csp

AAS are typically used by large companies that can manage at least 500 user licenses and need a fixed price for software and subscription licenses for 3 years. However, large companies continue to move to psC in order to obtain more flexibility and cost savings. A Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (Microsoft EA) was once the licensing vehicle for large companies with more than 500 seats. But the complex three-year contract, which was once so popular, is becoming obsolete. As cloud-based services like Azure and Office 365 become the norm, even large companies are postponing their product and service purchases and are looking with the CSP program for a more flexible Microsoft volume licensing option. Microsoft EA allows companies to acquire cloud services and software licenses as part of a three-year agreement. Also be sure to pay attention to the changes that are taking place. Migration to CSP, when the new Azure experience for CSP is launched, the soon-to-be-introduced partner operating guide will contain information on possible migration steps: Microsoft recommends that EA be used only by large companies: with Microsoft`s Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) program, you only pay a monthly fee for the licenses and software you need, which becomes much more convenient and less expensive for large companies. To help you decide if you should switch to CSP, we`ve created this practical comparison diagram for EA vs.

CSP, which highlights the main differences between these two agreements. Over the years, Microsoft`s EA has been a popular solution for many companies. Its appeal came from the fact that it allowed companies to add licenses to their agreement while they go. There are a few different ways to buy Microsoft deals. One option is pay-as-you-go (PAYG): If you always find out how much you need and you`re not ready to hire, you can use this method. With a PAYG or direct subscription, you make payments directly to Microsoft on a monthly basis and without a contractual agreement. While this may be useful temporarily for those who are getting wet, most organizations opt for EA or CSP licenses in the long run. This is the abbreviation for Enterprise Agreement or Cloud Solution Provider. These routes offer discounts that come with longer contracts, and a CSP dealer provides a lot of support as an organization can take on headaches. Let`s look at a few questions about these different licensing options. Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider opens up a new world of flexibility in software licensing and management. Instead of a 3-year bond, as is required with Microsoft EA, Microsoft CSP is full from month to month.

This way, you can add or remove licenses as needed, pay only for what you actually use, which can save you significantly in the short and long term. Most importantly, since CSP agreements are provided through Microsoft partners, you also have immediate access to Microsoft Premier support – additional costs with enterprise agreements – with a dedicated team that knows you and your business, so you`ll never have to explain your problem from the beginning if you need assistance.


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