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Pakistan Salt Agreement With India

A bunch of pink Himalayan salt cubes. Diaa Hadid/NPR Hide the legend Malik Navid, a worker in a pink Himalayan salt mine in Khewra, Pakistan, waiting for a large grinder to draw salt. Diaa Hadid/NPR hides caption With respect to the goods covered in the “A” and “B” schemes of this agreement, the two governments facilitate the importation and export of nine territories to each other in accordance with their respective laws, regulations and procedures. Political events have added their own upheavals. On 5 August, India reduced the autonomy of the part of Kashmir it controlled. The Pakistani authorities feared that India`s approach would weaken Pakistan`s own claims to the disputed area. Pakistan has returned the favour by banning bilateral trade with India, which has devastated the salt industry. Articles I and II of this agreement are without prejudice to the right of economic operators in both countries to enter into transactions on goods and goods that are not part of this agreement and which are currently subject to the laws and regulations of both countries. He was gesticulating on a popular product: a large cube of salt sold next to a metallic rub. “They are called Zen cubes in the United States,” Siddiqui said.

Siddiqui`s U.S. customer sells this cube for $16 — the same price that Pakistani companies pay for nearly half a ton of raw salt in bulk. Politicians and bureaucrats have taken note, as have Faraz, the senator. He estimated that last year Pakistan had earned only about $26 million; other officials say it is about $50 million. In any case, “it was sold for a song,” Faraz said. He thinks these numbers could triple with the reforms. Faraz is now committed to legislation to prevent the sale of raw salt and encourage the production of high-quality finished products. Mining here was once a small industry that received little attention. About 400,000 tons of salt are exported each year, mainly as raw rocks, according to Nadeem Babar, Pakistan`s prime minister`s oil and natural resources adviser.

About a quarter of these exports were shipped to India for about $40 a tonne, Pakistan`s neighbour, with which it fought four wars. The salt was literally blown from the mines, transported in trucks and sent about 160 miles to the border. (c) any benefit granted under the customs union or free trade area of which the member may become a member. Workers drill wood bases on Himalayan salt lamps at a niaz Hussain Siddiqui store, which exports Pakistani salt products to the United States. Framing Diaa Hadid/NPR Both governments agree to provide appropriate assistance to facilitate the export and importation of goods and goods contained in the “A” and “B” schemes and to consult with each other on all issues arising from trade in goods and goods between the two countries during the currency and in accordance with this agreement.


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