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Share Purchase Agreement Template India

CONSIDERING that the buyer wants to buy for the cancellation and that the seller wants to sell the shares; A share purchase agreement is entered into by one party for the purchase of shares by another party; As a general rule, the shares are for a private company. The agreement describes the amount, timing and method of payment as well as all insurance or guarantees of the buyer and seller. Through a share purchase agreement, the buyer replaces the seller. Below you will find the proposed format for the share purchase contract. It can be modified to meet the requirements. A share purchase format (SPA) is a formal agreement between a buyer and the purchaser of shares in a company that holds the necessary (conditions). You can learn more about the stock purchase agreement and its importance here. For the development of legal agreements and mortgage on the ice format join our legal club. 2.1 Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the purchase price (as defined below), sellers agree to sell, transfer and deliver sales to buyers and purchasers agree to acquire, purchase and accept the securities, securities, interest and benefits associated with them after six months from the date of execution. This form is also known as: Share Purchase Agreement, Purchase and Sale of Shares, Share Transfer, Acquisition of Shares of Person F. Sellers provide comprehensive support and coordination with buyers during the period during which the entire transaction is being processed.

c. The current management holds a board meeting to conduct and register the transfer of shares and arranges for the appointment of new directors; 2.3 The consideration for Shares Sale is the value per share that must be determined by the accountant in practice or the registered valuer in accordance with the applicable legal provisions. E. The buyer assumes all the responsibilities and responsibilities for costs/sinisters with respect to the company, the shares of the sale and the activities of the company from the date of its creation. 5.1 Subject to the arrival of the diploma or closure under this agreement, the purchaser (“indemnity persons”) undertakes in solidarity to compensate the sellers, the company and their directors, senior executives, agents, agents and employees (“decided persons”) of and against all claims, Debts, shares, procedures, receivables, losses, costs, taxes, damages and expenses that may be collected or incurred by the compensated persons or are the direct consequence of such or such contracts resulting from the commercial activity or the sale/transfer of the sale shares from the date of execution of this contract until the full transfer of the shares to the purchasers of which they are created or related to them. This is an agreement between the stock seller and the stock buyer that lists all the terms of sale called share purchase contracts. 2.4 The purchase price is paid to sellers by buyers after the execution date, but before the transfer of shares through ordinary banking channels, in as many tranches that can be decided between the parties and can be considered appropriate. g. The parties now wish to mutually conclude this agreement in order to demonstrate their mutual understanding of the aforementioned purchase by the purchasers of the Shares Sale (hereafter referred to as the “proposed transaction”). E. In light of compliance with the requirements of the above sub-clause (a) to d), the Company continues to update the legal records in order to account for the change in the composition of the board of directors and the transfer of the legitimate and economic beneficiary of the sale shares and returns to the purchasers the shares of origin duly confirmed.


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