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Uk Switzerland Continuity Agreement

[…] [i] Nicolo Tamberi, L. Alan Winters, <… > […] In December 2018, the government announced agreements with the three EFTA-EEA countries to address separation issues similar to those of the VA. It also announced an agreement with Switzerland on citizens` rights. In February 2019, an agreement was announced with the three EFTA-EEA countries on citizens` rights under a non-agreement scenario. The United Kingdom has signed a transport agreement with Switzerland. The agreement guarantees that UK carriers will be able to continue to operate in Switzerland with a EU licence as soon as the agreement comes into force. In order to save time and avoid the repetition of hundreds of textual pages, the continuity agreements, referring mutatis mutandis to the provisions of the EU agreement in this area, contain only the necessary changes. Most of the changes are purely formal and could be considered harmless – for example, replacing the "European Union" with the "United Kingdom" or adapting tariff quotas – both inside and outside – to take into account the size of the UK market. [3] The Ministry of International Trade stated that the agreement would maintain trade between the United Kingdom and Switzerland under the preferential conditions currently available to the two countries through an EU free trade agreement.

The agreement fulfills the key requested by techuk members prior to the negotiations. It ensures the continuity of existing trade agreements and provides a solid basis for a future free trade agreement, hopefully just as ambitious. The United Kingdom has signed a trade agreement with Switzerland. The agreement simplifies trade and allows businesses to pursue free trade without additional tariffs. It continues to abolish tariffs on the vast majority of goods traded between the United Kingdom and Switzerland. The United Kingdom and Switzerland`s existing PGI continue to be covered by this agreement. The agreement protects 45 uk geographic companies. On 25 January, Brexit Minister Stephen Barclay published a list of bilateral agreements that are almost ready to be signed or about to be concluded.

Trade agreements have already been signed with respect to mutual recognition of compliance assessment with Australia and New Zealand, wine trade with Australia and trade in live animals and animal products with New Zealand. Along with the East and South African states, Chile, the Faroe Islands, Switzerland, the Caribbean and the Palestinian Authority, the signing of free trade agreements was about to be signed. The free trade agreement texts have been finalized with Israel, Canada, the Pacific States, SACU, Mozambique, Norway and Iceland. Mutual recognition agreements have also been concluded with the United States. Fox said: “Switzerland is one of the most valuable trading partners for which we seek continuity. This is of enormous economic importance to British businesses. Britain has signed a trade continuation agreement with Switzerland to avoid disruption for thousands of businesses after Brexit, less than 50 days before the UK leaves the EU. A spokesman for the Ministry of International Trade said: “Our priority is to avoid disruptions to our global trade relations when we leave the European Union and we aspire to the continuity of existing free trade agreements.” In November 2018, the government announced air agreements with the United States, Canada and eight other countries to secure flights after Brexit.


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