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Agreement Of Text And Reference List

The American Psychological Association recommends citing sources in the text of a document and not in footnotes. Quoting the text briefly identifies the source and allows readers to find it in the reference list at the end of the document. (p. 174) Advance the word “and” in a quote with multiple authors in the text. In parentheses and in the reference list, use a character and commercial [&] (p. 175): 6 precision of citation format in the False list: Baker-Miller, J. (1991). The development of women`s self-esteem. Women`s growth associated. V. Jordan, J.

Baker Miller, I.P. Striver, and J.L. Surrey Ed. Guilford, New York. 27.11. Correct: Baker-Miller, J. (1991). The development of women`s self-esteem. In V.

Jordan, J. Baker-Miller, I.P. Striver, &J.L. Surrey (eds.), Women`s growth in connection (pp. 11-27). New York, Ny: Guilford. 1. Bilateral treaties. Here are the reference and citation formats as well as examples of bilateral treaties. 4. Source of the Contract.

A number of sources publish contractual texts. Some sources use volume and number of pages; other sources only use article numbers. So indicate the volume and number of pages when your source has them; Otherwise, enter the item number. Shorten the title of the source and present the information in this order: Reference quotes in the text: The APA Style system for citing sources usually contains the author`s last name and publication date in parentheses in the text of the document. In text notes in parentheses, traditional footnotes replace footnotes or final notes. Smith (2000) compared reaction times [the author is part of the narrative] In a recent study on response times (Smith, 2000) [use both author and date] In 2000, Smith compared [If the year and author are indicated in the text, no parenthesis information is needed.] 3 Basic citation styles are imprecise, Inconsistent. Table 6.1, p. 177, illustrates the basic styles. “and” vs” “use of “et al.” Two or more works in the same parentheses “order alphabetically in the same order in which they appear in the reference list” (ยง 6.16, p. 177) A reference list contains only titles used to write a work. Each item in a reference list must be cited in the text and any reference cited in the text must be included in the reference list. (p.

174) In contrast, a bibliography lists background sources or other information. The reference list shall contain information necessary for the identification and consultation of each source. 5 Make sure things such as years and author names are accurate and match between text citations and reference lists….


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