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Australia Suspends Extradition Agreement

Australia on Thursday suspended its extradition deal with Hong Kong over the controversial new national security law imposed by China on the region. On Thursday, the New Zealand government said it would review relations with Hong Kong, including the revision of extradition agreements and controls for the export of so-called strategic goods, as well as travel instructions. Australia has suspended its extradition agreement with Hong Kong due to China`s new security law. The country has updated the travel warning of its nationals to Hong Kong, asking them to “reconsider” their stay. The extradition policy change marks the latest in a long-standing dispute between China and Australia Australia has suspended its extradition deal with Hong Kong, the country`s prime minister said Thursday, citing a lack of “trust and confidence” due to the new security law imposed by China. SYDNEY (Reuters) — Australia said on Thursday it was suspending its extradition deal with Hong Kong and announced measures to attract people and businesses from the Asian financial hub after Beijing declared a new security law there. Prime Minister Scott Morrison told reporters that the new law – which came into force last week – marked a “fundamental change” that led Australia to suspend the deal. His announcement — which quickly received a strong rebuke from Beijing`s embassy in Canberra — came after Canada suspended its extradition agreement with the former British colony last week, making it the first country to cut law enforcement ties with the city since China enacted the law. Australia`s move to suspend its extradition deal could increase pressure on the UK to do the same, despite repeated threats of retaliation from Beijing. Canada was the first country to suspend extradition to Hong Kong last Friday. Southeast Asian countries Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia, all of which have met China in recent years over its territorial claims in the South China Sea, are other South Asian countries. .


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