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Come Compilare Learning Agreement Unibo

The conversion of votes is carried out by the ECTS system, which may vary from year to year (for Info The student must download the final version of the complete learning agreement with signatures on ALMARM. Only when the offices have validated the document will you be able to download the certificate at the end of the period and apply for recognition of the activities carried out abroad. In these cases, you can change your apprenticeship agreement once a semester by continuing the same authorisation procedure as the apprenticeship agreement. During the mobility, a maximum of two modifications to the learning agreement are possible. A student wishing to modify the learning agreement must check the feasibility of the proposal with the foreigner, complete the proposed modification relating to the AlmaRM application and justify his decisions by e-mail through specific information (programs, time obligation, etc.). When should I submit my learning agreement on AlmaRM? Your learning agreement must be submitted in good time before you leave. Some programs have established schedules for the presentation of La. Please contact your contact person after the reception area. The learning agreement must be completed online on AlmaRM (ì and Wednesdays: 10am-11.30am +39 051 20 99348 – 98042 – 99089H: Monday to Friday: 9am to 1pm. Indeed, if the optional CFUs are successfully supported during Erasmus exchanges, they are verbalised directly as the CFU of their choice in the field of the discipline; If the optional CFUs are not successfully supported under Erasmus, the student will only have the opportunity to take the optional exams at the time of return if they have been previously included in the curriculum (which is why it is important to complete the curriculum on time, even if the optional studies have been included in the learning agreement).

Overseas is an exchange program aimed at promoting student mobility in third-party fields and allows studying at partner universities with which Athenaeum has concluded mobility agreements. This program makes it possible to organize trainings of different types, such as course visits, as well as research in certain places to prepare doctoral theses, oriental language courses and Italian language assistant activities. The application for recognition through the AlmaRM application must be submitted after the presentation of the readmission of the mobility phase in accordance with the “Winners` Guide”. Only applications for recognition submitted through the AlmaRM application (no practices stored in the project or sent by email) will be examined. I need help to complete the apprenticeship contract, who should I contact? At the international relations office in charge of your field of study. The content of the learning agreement and the subsequent recognition of credits are the responsibility of your studies. Can the duration of mobility be reduced? Yes, and you don`t have to formally request the discount. The calculation of the scholarship must indicate the dates indicated in the certificate of practice. Note that the minimum duration of a mobility is 3 months (90 days). If you wish to shorten the time before departure, please contact before signing the mobility agreement.

If you wish to apply for the Erasmus+ study and obtain a timely overview of the application date and procedure, you can contact the DIRI European Mobility Office ( and the International Mobility Office ( in writing to make the current data and factsheets available to the Office. . . .


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