Neck-to-Neck Comparison Between Deep Base vs Medium Base Paint

Painting is a critical task for a regular user who has less knowledge about it. There are many versions and different types of paints for various tasks. Some paints provide versatility, but some have a specific surface to use. Deep base and medium base paint are those versions specified for a specific job. To make professional art, you must know about deep base vs medium base paint. 

Do you know what base paint is? Do you know what the types of base paint are? Do you know the difference between deep base and medium base? If you don’t know, then don’t worry about it. In this article, you can explore the world of every base paint from deep to light. Base paints are considered to the character of your painting. They are easy to find; you need to know how to pick either deep base or medium base paint. 

What is Base Paint?

Before introducing you to base paint, let’s clear up one thing. Some people have met us recently. When we were talking, there came a topic, including base paint. You know, three of them thought the base paint was a primer. We were shocked to hear this. We then cleared up their confusion, and they told us that many people thought base paint was a primer.

So, we want to clarify one thing base paint is not a primer. If you run through the same idea, you may use base paint as a primer. Primer is used to provide a base coat before painting any surface. The base paint is not the base coat. So, make a clear idea from here, and don’t confuse yourself. By the way, epoxy primer is a great painting item. You can check how to paint over epoxy primer. 

Deep Base paint vs Medium Base Paint

Now, base paint is not complete paint. It is called paint for traditionalism. It is an essential component of paint. It is used to create a particular tint of paint and contains most of it. It gives a foundation that will make the paint complex and elastic and prevent the crack from forming.

Base paint has different formations; Base 1, Base 2, Base 3, and Base 4. With the upper base you provide, the color becomes darker. Base 4 adds more intense color than Base 1. The intensity rises at every base level.

What is Deep Base Paint?

Deep base painting is nothing but a type of base paint. The deep base paint is a paint whose white pigment makes it even more pigmented. It comes with the least amount of white pigment. That’s why you will feel the intensity like a dark surface. This will help get a more saturated, vivid, and dark color.

The less white pigment of deep base paint gives you a turbid consistency. You can add more color to make it rich and dark. If you want to paint in dark colors, a deep base can be more transparent through the tinting process. You can also tint the light colors to lighter ones. Behr Premium Plus Ultra Interior Flat is one of the oldest and best Deep Base paints. 

Most companies won’t provide the base type in the label. So, you may face some difficulties while choosing a deep base paint. The easiest way to choose is to ask the seller. Every seller must be aware of which is medium base paint and which is deep base paint. 

Deep Base Paint

You can also check them by the amount of white pigmentation because deep base paint contains a low amount of white pigment. Moreover, deep base paints have less base paint than titanium dioxide. So, you can paint more color with it because it supports more colorant and darker tones.

What Is Deep Base Paint Used for? 

Since deep base paint includes a low amount of white pigment, it accepts darker paint. That means where you want to use bold colors; you must apply deep base paint. We mix two different colors to make a deep color or create a darker tone. If you use deep base paint, you will eliminate the hassle of combining two other paints. Deep base paints ensure proper accuracy by tinting, which is missing in mixing two colors. 

That’s a standard way most uneducated and unexpert painters do. You won’t see any top-level professionals mix two different paints to make the color bold. If you want to make light paint, you will need some white paint. Mix them with your color, and your lighter pants are ready. It is an extremely easy task and also correct. 

Deep Base vs Medium Base Paint

You can’t reverse the process to make the paint darker. You need only deep base paint if you want to get professional touch with proper accuracy throughout the color. The deep base paint is used for these reasons. We hope you get it. 

What Is Medium Base Paint?

When we talk about deep base paint, dark tones come first. They are best for making dark colors. The medium base paint is a little bit different from them. It consists of light and dark colors. It exists at a medium level, with neither dark nor light tone in the middle. It contains more titanium white pigment than deep base paint. 

It contains a medium amount of white pigment. This is no more than the base to keep their color stable and not significantly less than the base to give the base color light and bright look. You can say that it contains sufficient white pigment. 

It would be best if you did not confuse it with a light or regular white base. It combines oil-based paint and acrylic paint to provide the desired aura. These two materials have unique properties for medium-base paints, providing better coverage than acrylic oils.

In medium-based paint, you will get a dark or deeper shade of the paint because it produces a hue of both dark and light color. You may ask, where is the medium base paint used in most cases? Since it has a light shade, homeowners prefer this base paint because dark colors do not suit house paint.

What Is Medium Base Paint Used for?

Just think about bright colors. Where do you see them mostly? We hope you have got your answer. Just do matching with us; kitchen, bathroom walls, living room walls, bedrooms, etc. However, it all depends on what the homeowner or painter wants to achieve because it is one of the main factors influencing the paint selection. They won’t apply medium base paint to their house if they prefer dark colors. We are just talking about most scenarios. 

Medium Base Paint

Most houses have a medium tone in their painting, which is not so bright and not so dark. So, it is easy to say that medium base paint rules inside the homeowner’s mind. We have seen many and some of our clients who do not want to apply dark color in their home, especially in the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. 

We recommend a suitable medium base paint for you, Rust-Oleum Chalked Ultra Matte Paint. We suggest it to many clients, and their feedback is very impressive. 

Comparison Between Deep Base vs Medium Base Paint

Here is a comparison chart between deep base paint and medium base paint. After reading all the above parts, you should know about their differences. This chart will help you to check the difference fast if you are in a rush. Otherwise, read the full article to learn every piece of information, including deep and medium base paint. 

Medium Base PaintDeep Base Paint
Produce a middle color between dark and light.Provide a dark tone in the paint.
More white pigment than deep base.Less white pigment than every base paint.
Less white pigment than regular base paint.Less amount of white pigmentation than every color.
Meet the sufficient level of saturation easily.Meet the darker tone and provide a vibrant color.
It is more opaque.It is less opaque

Can I Use Base Paint Without Tint?

Base paint has a huge connection with tints. The first priority of applying base paint is tinting. Many painters, especially homeowners, question whether they can use base paint without the tint. The answer is yes and no. It’s a little technical. To get the color you want, you need to use base paint with aura. If you use base paint without aura, you will not get the desired results. That will dispatch the color you want.


Can I use medium base paint as white?

Ans. You can directly apply it on the wall, but you must use the base paint with a tint. Otherwise, you won’t get the color you want, whether it is white or any other color.

What does the base paint do?

Ans. Whether you use deep or medium base paint, they add a foundation to reach your expected color.

Can I correct the color if I did not use base paint with tint?

Ans. Yes, you can correct the color without using base paint with tint. So, if a mistake happens, please don’t panic.


Finally, at the end of our comparison article, we have talked about deep base vs medium base paint. We try to pull out all essential topics and questions running around the human brain when they think of using the deep base or medium base. Some don’t have an idea of base paint. So, we try to cover that topic also. 

At last, we have just one sentence. Follow the actual procedure of base paint with a tint to get a consistent result. You will be satisfied. And don’t forget to check how to paint over a clear coat if you want to repaint your car. 

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